Circular water curtain on the sea and the ocean

Working on digital curtain with Celebrity Cruises



In November 2018, Wordfall technicians began their cruise on the Celebrity Edge. In addition to benefits of the ship, they key task was to install circular water curtain in the theater on board.

When the ship first entered the port of Miami, Florida, the water show was ready. The first tests with the circular water curtain were carried out successfully. The water in our installation on the Edge stage does not work in a closed loop, and the tank it falls into is emptied after each performance. 


It is difficult to recreate conditions similar to those at sea or ocean on land, but tests of the circular water curtain were required before its permanent installation on the ship. Wordfall, in cooperation with other companies visited Tockwith twice, where the circular water curtain and the water collection system were tested. An additional requirement was the absolutely dry stage during the program part in which the printer took part - that's why dedicated gutters were used. Multiple tests have shown how effective the system is and remains in our offer today. 


The first Celebrity Edge cruise took place in the Caribbean Sea in December 2018.  

The curernt offer is also dedicated to Europe. To this day, the digital water curtain has participated in the theater program by presenting its second show. The opportunity to check how a circular water curtain works on board such a huge ship is close, do don't miss it! 

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