Stampante digitale ad acqua in pre-apertura

Magic night in L'acquario di Roma

Acquario di Roma

L’acquario di Roma, the Roman aquarium is getting for a long time to open. The whole complex was prepared for education and entertainment, combining modern technologies with popularization of ecological issues.
Additional offer will also be the organization of conferences and business meetings in unusual environment.

At the pre-opening Wordfall had an opportunity to present a digital water printer that aroused the sincere delight of young and old lovers of sea animals.


From July 2 2018, the Aquarium presentation began with no animal sector yet. Thanks to holographic video installations, visitors could feel like they were in the depths of the ocean. Realistic scenes from the deep sea appeared on the walls and water rug on the floor. With each move, 3D projectors simulated the movement of waves in response to people's movement, and the whole trick was accompanied by suggestive sound. Each evening was dedicated to a different group - the press and VIPs, children and adults.

Our digital water printer was installed in the atrium. Visitors could admire abstract and marine designs. Another attraction that especially appealed to children is the ability to draw a picture or write their own content on the tablet. The youngest watched with fascination as their drawings appeared on the digital water printer after a while. Some didn't even believe that it was real water.

Wordfall digital water printer appeared in press: Il Messaggero and La Stampa Roma.


For those interested we provide aquarium page. Full opening is expected by the end of 2018. Then you will be able to see over 5,000 specimens from 100 species of aquatic organisms. L'acquario di Roma is currently one of the most modern oceanariums in the world. Its mission is to interest the young generation in maritime issues and modern threats to aquatic ecosystems.