What is a water printer exactly?

How does it work?

Where to use a water printer?

A water printer is an extremely interesting and attractive machine. With an outstanding opportunity to highlight itself as a main attraction during celebrations, fairs or corporate events. Contrary to appearances, this is not the same set of services only for the temporary exhibitions. Water printer can be used and developed in any format, so it fits any place chosen by the user. Ideally suited as a functional decoration in a modern interior.

How does a water printer work?

A water printer is one of the newest and most modern machines used for effective display of content using falling water drops. Despite its presence on the market for a relatively recent time, it has gained immense popularity and recognition among users. This is certainly due to its originality and extraordinary effectiveness of presented content. Demostrations with the help of a water printer arouse widespread curiosity and amiration for everyone who have seen it. 

A water printer is a modern device whose task is to show user-designed inscriptions, graphics or drawings that are displayed with the help of falling water drops. It is built of a gate of any size and connects wirelessly to the tablet on which the content to be displayed is designed. Underneath the gate is a small tank which receives falling water. There is no need to top it up constantly, as the water circuit is closed and from the tank it goes back using one of the arms of the device for recirculation. At the top of the water printer gate there are numerous tiny holes from which water flows. Printing modules are equipped with small valves that control their opening and closing. The valves themselvees work very fast, thanks to which watery images are displayed smoothly and precisely.

Water printer and additional visual effects

In addition to the effective images "written" with the water, modern water printers also offer additional accessories. As water is characterized by high transparency printer gates can be additionally equiped with a dark screen, thanks to which water inscriptions will be even more visible to observers. To make the whole show more attractive, the water printer may additionally have built-in LED lights that will allow water inscriptions to be highlighted in different colords. Thanks to this, you can get a real WOW effect that nobody will pass by indifferently.