Waterfall swing

First of a kind construction in Europe which definitely draws clients' attention. A user swings through the water wall and the water stops falling for the exact moment they pass through. Check it yourself!

The modular design allows you to customize the dimensions to suit your needs. A waterfall with a swing can be assembled both outside and inside buildings. The minimum height and width of the waterfall swing is 4 meters. We offer installations with one or two swings. The only thing you need, apart from an access to water and the electricity are four IBC water tanks, required to stabilize the water swing. We provide the rest, including LED lighting.

Our waterfall with a swing was already in Antwerp, Warsaw, and Michael Buble himself was swinging on Spanish television!

The waterfall swing is a completely secure attraction. A convenient seat of our water swing is adapted to users of any age. Colorful ropes used to hang the seat are made of Dyneema fibres which has better lifting capacity than steel ropes. A steel, stable platform and steps leading to the waterfall swing help entering and leaving the construction. A sensor that prevents unwanted water flow works continuously even when the water swing seat is at rest. 


The position of the users of the water swing is monitored by sensors. They anticipate the movement of the swing and close the water flow in advance so that the user can pass to the other side of the water wall without getting wet.


Everyone can feel the thrill, while remaining completely dry!


In addition, as in any other our construction, the water curtain can print content containing various graphic effects, logos and inscriptions.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
The graphical waterfall with the water swing is a great choice for various public events, both indoors and outdoors.  Built-in multicolor LED lights with a personalized water show provide opportunity to take some unusual photos and videos which are frequently vastly spread among different media channels.
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
It is easy to personalize the Wordfall water swing with your own branding. Personalized banners can be fixed on the top bar and vertical columns of the water swing. Also the bottom tank of the waterfall swing can be covered with foil stickers. Do not hesitate to use the waterfall swing to promote your brand.
Odoo • Image and Text

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