Engineering Consulting

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    How we can help you?

    • We assist in the preparation of any water installations with or without our machines. 

    • We do hydraulic system calculations. For example: pressure drop, pipe diameter and thickness, water flow.

    • We prepare 3d drawings.

    • We help to select of all necessary components: piping, installation elements, automation.

    • We design technical rooms.

    • We write manuals and technical documentation.

    • We prepare sample water shows and demos.

    • We do Research and Development in the fields of hydraulics and automatics.

    • We carry out experiments, design prototypes and final products. 

    Our qualifications

    • Over 10 years of experience in designing hydraulic installations and water curtains.

    • Involvement in working on permanent and temporary projects with eye catching water devices all around the world.

    • Participation in various trade fairs, theatrical productions, concerts, tv shows, corporate events and mass public shows.

    • Permanent installations with our Digital Water Printers currently operate on 3 continents.

    • Dozens of satisfied clients.