Wordfall water display on Berlin IFA

On 31.08-05.09.2018, Berlin held an annual international consumers electronics exhibition


IFA Berlin

The annual International Exhibition of Consumers Electronics and Household Appliances, in short IFA Berlin, was held in Berlin on 31.08-05.09.2018. One of the exhibitors - the BEKO company - invited us to its stand to stand out from the competition. The water display had an unusual structure and attracted the attention of guests and other exhibitors.

IFA fairs have been held for many years and have gained an unprecedented reputation. All major electronics, household appliances and electronics producers are attracting to Berlin. New product launches are taking place here, new technologies are presented. Due to the great interest of exhibitors, the fair was divided into three blocks in 2017 - IFA for leading international brands, IFA GM (Global Markets) for domestic manufacturers and IFA NEXT (formerly IFA TechWatch) for start-ups and research and development companies. In addition to the exhibitions, there are many accompanying events such as IFA + Summit - a conference devoted to the upcoming trends and visions of the future, IFA Keynotes - presentations of industry leaders, concerts, exhibitors' presentations.

Wordfall went to IFA Berlin as a co-organizer of the BEKO stand – a well-known manufacturer of home appliances. The Turks presented the new technology of the automatic washing machine - AquaTechTM. Washing machines that operated in front of the fair participants have a half washing time, and thus are more economical and more ecological..

They wrote about it Daily Sabah Tech, Noobz (in Romanian) oraz Haberler (in Turkish).

Water display by Wordfall in Berlin

In the environment of innovation, we could not afford less than other. Our water display was deprived of supporting columns for the first time! The impression was amazing. A waterfall forming various patterns fell from the ceiling. The water disappeared in the stage platform, and all this in a magical way fed the closed circuit. There was not a single drop of water outside.

The water display used four panels on the outline of the rectangle. Wordfall was responsible for the side panels, arranged perpendicularly and the front panel. It allowed to arrange various arrangements and choreography for falling drops. The water display opened and closed like a real curtain. What's more, the water tank was common for both curtains. Of course, there is no end of the possibility of the installation.

The photo of our water display went to the British ertonline.