Water display with a platform

Our standard digital water printer can be equipped with a platform with sensors. When guests traverse the platform, the water above their heads stops falling. The guests can pass to the other side, remaining completely dry.

The modular design of the digital waterfall allows you to customize the dimensions to suit your needs. The installation with the platform can be placed both outside and inside buildings. For outdoor installations, the width of the tank and also the length of the platform is greater. The minimum construction height is 3 meters. We offer installations with one or two platforms. Built-in colorful LED lighting included. All you need is an access to water and electricity.

Our interactive water display with platform has already proven itself in many places in Europe. Regardless of whether it is an intimate birthday party in St. Tropez, or the Sea festival with thousands of participants in Klaipeda, the platform and its sensors are reliable.


Sensors register a person as soon as he reaches the platform step and immediately turn off the water above his head.


The platform and its software are reliable and the attraction is completely secure. As always, our digital water curtain can be programmed to display any graphic effects, including images and words.


Both the platform and the steps are made of platform grating. In addition, they are covered with technical mesh, so they are adapted to all types of footwear, including heels.

Looking for an inspiration?

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