Become a Partner

Who are we looking for

We are in search for companies from outside of Central Europe providing their clients with equipment rental for events.

We are looking for companies which are focused on innovation, which are willing to broaden their portfolio with world-unique machines that we manufacture. These are intriguing devices that use water as a means of communication.

Our Partners gain exclusivity for the rental of our machines in the territory of their operations.

With our machines, the Partners are capable of:

  • Raising their revenue

  • Blocking their competition thanks to exclusivity in a given territory

  • Providing their clients with the WOW effect

  • Strengthening their image as a company offering modern solutions

Our product

Out company has been developing the electronically controlled interactive event machines for more than 8 years now. Our flagship product is a water printer. It is an interactive device that prints images using falling water drops.

It is a machine designed for events of any length (even one day). Clients eagerly rent this device for such events as:

  • Trade fairs

  • Product launches

  • Events in shopping malls

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions

  • Shows

The machine comes in varied configurations and is available with a set of accessories. The structure is modular, so our Partners can assemble this interactive water wall from 2 to 8 meters long and 2 to 6 meters high using a small number of components. The machine can be optionally equipped with a platform and a swing.

What is important to us

Apart from handling events and fixed installations around the world, we have devoted plenty of time to research and development. Our product has been tested on numerous events, and it stands out for its robustness. We believe it to be the best solution of this kind in the world.

What makes us different

  • We are the only company in the world offering a mobile water swing.

  • Our system is lightweight and easy to assemble. The printing module weighs only 32 kg per meter of length. (our competitors’ sets weigh many times more)

  • We use modified valves, which have the highest flow rate and ensure the greatest visibility of water on the market.

  • They are very easy to maintain: 15 seconds for maintenance of one valve.

  • We are constantly developing our modular system and expanding it with further accessories.   

Our qualifications

  • Over 8 years of experience in designing hydraulic systems and water curtains.

  • Taking part in implementation of permanent and temporary projects with eye-catching water equipment around the world.

  • Participation in fairs, theater performances, concerts, TV shows, corporate events or mass public shows.

  • Permanent installations adopting our water printers currently operate on 3 continents.

  • Dozens of satisfied customers.

Model of cooperation

To start, the Partner should have a workshop, a van and an amount of 10-30k EUR. This amount includes a deposit (5-20k EUR, the purchase of structural elements and tools that we point to.) 

The Partner chooses the products they are willing to offer to their clients and store for the whole term of our Partnership Agreement. 

We deliver the selected components and teach how to install, operate and maintain them.       

The Partner establishes and maintains contact with a potential client.

When the client decides to rent the machine, the Partner carries out the installation and operates the machine during the event. 

The Partner receives > 50% of the order amount for each completed event.

The Partner undertakes to exercise and agreed minimum number of orders using the set at their disposal. 

We ensure remote technical support and any necessary spare parts and updates to keep the machine in the running order.

The deposit is returned at the end of the Partnership Agreement, if the machine is not destroyed. 

How to start

Describe your activity and area of operation. Specify the expected date when our cooperation could start. We will send you more details in response.