3D Water Printer for rent


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3D Water Printer for rent

Other names: Interactive 3D Water Printer, 3D Water Curtain, Interactive 3D Water Wall, Water Display 3D

How does the 3D water printer work?

A digital 3D water curtain is an interactive water attraction that takes the form of a rectangle with 4 columns. Its upper part is provided with a large number of evenly distributed nozzles. The water flowing through those nozzles is controlled by electronics. Water drops form falling images and interesting visual effects. The water circulates in a closed circuit. The drops that are created in the interactive 3D water printer fall into the through at the bottom. Afterward, the water is filtered and pumped back to the top. 

What can be displayed in a 3D water printer?

The water flow in the 3D water printer is controlled electronically. The water drops create three-dimensional shapes. These can be some interesting visual effects from our library or any graphics sent by the client. 

Approximate dimensions 

  • Total length - 3m
  • Total width - 3m
  • Total height - from 2 to 6 meters. 
  • The water in the 3D water curtain falls into the area 1 x 1,2m
  • Ask us about the 3d model of the device.
  • Download the technical drawings of the 3d water display to learn about its exact dimensions.

How is the 3D water printer built?

  • The bottom through is enclosed with plates made from stainless steel. The vertical plates are additionally covered with black or white self-adhesive foil.
  • There are columns made of aluminum trusses supporting the ceiling of the 3D water curtain along two sides of the trough.
  • The columns can be covered with aesthetic lycra or enclosed by the client. 

Installation site requirements

  • The water is best visible against a dark background.
  • Under standard conditions, the falling water does not spray outside the through in any noticeable way. However, it cannot be ruled out that water will wet the floor due to the wind, spectators touching water streams, during the disassembly or disassembly.
  • The machine is rainproof, but it cannot work during a storm.
  • Wind of more than 7 knots (3 on the Beaufort scale) can deform the falling images and cause water to spray outside the basin or soak people around. To reduce the risk of wind the machine should be placed in front of a wall or an artificial background (wind guard), sideways to the wind, not in any narrowed spaces such as between buildings where the wind intensifies.
  • The ground should be flat, even, without holes or sharp elements.
  • The slope of the ground should not exceed 2.5 degrees. The measurement can be done with a cell phone. Download a sample Android app
  • The ground must be resistant to the pressure of <300kg/m2.
  • Free space within a 1 m radius of the machine during disassembly and disassembly.
  • Our insurance does not allow our technicians to perform other activities besides working with the equipment we provide. In particular, they cannot install or dismantle the machine body and its surroundings as supplied by the client. To be able to start the disassembly or disassembly works they must have free access to the machine. 

Enclosure and branding

  • Vertical walls of the machine trough can be covered with self-adhesive foil. Printing on such films is priced individually.
  • The customer can enclose the structure made from aluminum trusses according to their requirements. The disassembly method with the elements we provide is shown on the technical drawings.
  • The water trough has no load-bearing capacity. The client-provided enclosure should not be based on the through. 

Hydraulic requirements

  • Water is poured in only once during the installation of the machine. It may be required to refill the water if it is windy during a few days’ show.
  • Amount of circulating water: 2,3m3
  • Availability of water on the day of installation - hydrant/ firefighting’s hose or tap to connect a garden hose at a distance of < 50 m.
  • For safety reasons, it should be possible to empty the water through at any time at a distance of less than 50 m.

Electrical requirements

  • Active power (depends on resolution): 
    • 320px - 5856,40W
    • 480px - 6676,40W
    • 640px - 7496,40W
  • Apparent power (depends on resolution):
    • 320px - 7116,2VA
    • 480px - 8275,40VA
    • 640px - 9434,60VA
  • Possible electrical sockets (please inform us in advance which one is available):
    • 3 Standard electrical sockets (230V, 16A standard European CEE 7/7 plug)
    • 1 three-phase red socket 32A ( NOT: 16A!) with 5 pins (IEC 60309 400V 32A 3P+N+E, 6h) 

Fire certification

  • The majority of the 3D water display is made of metal - this material does not require fire certification.
  • Some parts of the 3D water printer (lycra sleeves and mats reducing splashes) do not have fire certification. If necessary, the customer may agree on the use of substitutes. 

Passes, parking and unloading permits

  • If the installation site requires, the technicians should be equipped with two or three passes (to be agreed) for the time of disassembly and disassembly, two passes for the time of the show.
  • For the time of disassembly and disassembly, the client should provide a parking space for an L4 type delivery van with the following dimensions: length 6200 x width 2100 mm.
  • The show site should be accessible at any time for a van in the case of failure.


  • The installation of the 3D water printer is usually done 3 days before the show starts.
  • Arranging the installation for earlier is made upon extra charge. The service is available through our online store.
  • The customer should specify in advance a 10-hour time window for each day of installation. 
  • Water availability is required from the 2nd day of the 3D water printer installation.
  • The machine is ready to be enclosed by the client from the beginning of the 25th hour of the installation (2nd part of 3rd installation day). 
  • Trial runs and program tests are carried out from the beginning of the 25th hour of the installation (2nd part of 3rd installation day).  Therefore, the client must be present on site. 

During the show

  • At least one of our technicians will be present during the first two days of the show (12 h a day).
  • In this time they will pass on information on the operation of the machine to the person designated by the client.
  • Our online store offer includes additional days of our technicians’ presence.


  • The 3D water printer is usually disassembled the next day after the show is over.
  • The disassembly takes 2 working days. On each of these days, the client should specify a 10-hour time window for its execution.
  • The disassembly must not start until the client has removed the additional enclosure and until space of 1 m has been released around the machine.
  • The disassembly can be moved to the following days upon an extra charge. 
  • Our technicians can work no more than 12 continuous hours.
  • If they have to be present during the last day of the show for more than 2 hours, they may need a 10-hour break before starting the disassembly.
  • If this is impossible it may be necessary to involve additional technicians against an extra charge. The client should inform us accordingly in advance.   

Price includes

  • Installation of the 3D water printer during 3 days before the show
  • Technical care for the first two days of the show
  • Disassembly during two days after the show is over
  • Transport

Additional fees

  • When the installation or disassembly is extended due to unavailability of the installation site or lack of technical conditions, an additional charge applies according to our price list.