Our offer   

We offer four main water attractions:

  • Water Wall - a device that creates a continuously flowing water wall
  • Water Printer - a device that prints any black and white images using drops of water
  • 3D Water Printer - a device similar to the Water Printer but prints images in 3d
  • Rain Room - it is a low resolution 3D Water Printer that can be used to cover bigger areas

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Touch screen + drawing app for rent
Spectators may use a tablet to draw water images. Price per day of the show.
1.00 € 1.0 EUR
Extra work hours
Our technician is present during first two days of the show. Add more hours if needed.
1.00 € 1.0 EUR
Extra assembly day
Standard installation is included in the basic offer. Add this option only if you need more time.
1.00 € 1.0 EUR
1.00 € 1.0 EUR
White dye
We make it possible to dye the water in the installation white.
The dyed water is more visible, even during the day with strong sunlight.
1.00 € 1.0 EUR